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Aclas CRV3x Etr Machine – KRA Tims Compliant

KSh 48,000.00

Aclas CRV3X (Type A) Device
Sleek & Agile Design

• Print speed up to 150 mm/s.
• Power saving, automating sleep power-saving mode when idle.
• Support for updating programs or transferring data via the network.
• Change or remove the Micro disk and 3G SIM without opening the
Machine cover.
• Data storage and transfer are secured and encrypted with FIPS L2
k certified secure IC.

*Type A to be used where there is no automated billing system

Highlight Features

Up to 150mm/s high print speed
To increase sales speed and
shorten customer waiting

Sleek and Agile Design
It fits snug to palm of hand
providing comfortable operation.

Online to Connect TIMS
With 4G/3G compatible with
Wi-FI/ Ethernet to support TIMS

Encryption and Security
With FIPS L2 certificated secure IC
To encrypt TIMS data exchange

65*132 LCD operator display
4 Lines display with back light is more
visible and more contents display.

Good touch-feeling silicon keyboard
Good touching feeling keyboard
matching up with handheld design
makes CRV3X operation fast and easy.

5 Years internal data storage
Secure and encrypted.

Portable machine with chargeable
Li Battery Ideal machine for retail
and hospitality fields.


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